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Men's Botox Injections and Men's Dermal Fillers 

Our experienced Doctor and Surgeon at Alpha Med Aesthetics specialise in Men's Botox® injections & Bocouture.  


We offer a range of non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments, especially for men.  Our Doctors are specialists in male facial anatomy and have an in-depth knowledge of men's skin concerns. 



We understand that having skin rejuvenation treatments may not be something you want to tell others about; that's why our service is discreet and confidential, allowing you see medically trained Doctors and Surgeons in our Manchester City Centre,  Didsbury or Urmston clinics. 

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Botox® Injections*: 

One Area                                £200

Two Areas                              £250

Three Areas                           £300



Bocouture Injections**: 


One Area                                £159

Two Areas                              £209

Three Areas                           £259



Juvederm Fillers:                £225  

Lips, Marionette or Nasolabial Lines   



*Includes 2 week top up if required

**Two Week Top Up Add-On: £30 

Men's Botox® Injections and Bocouture  

Botulinum toxin Type A (botox) injections are administered by our Doctors in small quantities into specific facial muscles causing the muscle to relax and therefore reduce the appearance of expression lines, folds and wrinkles and resulting in a more youthful look.


At Alpha Med Aesthetics we offer two brands of Botulinum toxin Type A, the original Botox® by Allergan and Bocouture by Merz. Both are effective anti-wrinkle treatments, however, Botox® is our premium brand and the preferred brand of our doctors. 


Botox® injections and Bocouture are used to visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and folds on the face and other areas including: 


  • Crows Feet (eye wrinkles at outer edges of eyes) 

  • Forehead Lines (horizontal lines across the forehead) 

  • Frown Lines (vertical lines, folds or wrinkles found between the eyebrows, above the nose) 

  • Gummy Smiles (teeth showing gums)  

  • Bunny Lines (lines around the upper nose) 

  • Mouth Lines/Vertical Lip Lines  (smokers fine lines around the mouth) 

  • Chin Puckering 

  • Hyperhidrosis(excessive sweating) 


Men's facial anatomy and muscles subtly differ from women's anatomy, therefore more units of botox are required to successfully treat the male dermis to achieve an effective, subtle and natural look. Botox® and Bocouture providers all charge slightly higher rates for men due to the increased number of Botox® units required. 


Our highly respected Doctors and Surgeons do all our treatments. With years of medical training, our Doctors and Surgeons  have a full understanding of the anatomy of the face and eye and are committed to providing you with safe, effective results. 


Our Doctors use a special technique to ensure the proper dosages of botox are administered in the correct muscle location to minimise any risks of side effects or bruising. 

For more information on side effects please visit the FAQ page. 




Dermal Fillers for Men


Dermal filler injections can effectively be used for a variety of skin and ageing concerns. Dermal fillers are excellent for smoothing and filling any deep lines, deep wrinkles and folds on the skin to achieve a youthful and handsome look.


As we age, we lose approximately 1% of our skin collagen per year. This results in a loss of volume in the cheeks, formation of deep lines in the dermis (on the face).  These changes can make the face look tired and aged. Dermal fillers can help restore a more youthful look. We only use Juvederm® and Vycross® fillers by Allergan which are a premium product range. 

Dermal filler treatment areas include: 


  • Tear Trough (hollowing and dark circles around eyes) 

  • Nasolabial Folds  (nose to mouth lines) 

  • Non-Surgical Nose Job (non-surgical rhinoplasty) 

  • Acne Scars 

  • Deep Forehead lines, Folds and Puckering 

  • Deep Frown Lines (between the eyebrows)

  • Marionette Lines (mouth to chin lines) 

  • Chin Puckering 

  • Lip Augmentation (adding volume to the lips)

  • Cheek Volume Rejuvenation 


To learn more about any of our treatments and whether they are suitable for you, call us to speak with one of our Doctors today or book a free no-obligation complimentary consultation. You may also find more information on our Botox Pages and our FAQ pages.