Our Service

Book a Consultation: 

Call our team today or one of the Salons to book a free no-obligation consultation with one of our talented and experienced Doctors. 

At Your Doctor Consultation: 

Please ensure you are at the salon at least 5 minutes before your appointment.The Doctor will conduct a full skin and medical consultation with you to discuss your aesthetic needs, concerns and suitable treatment options. The Doctor will also ask you about your medical history and any previous non-surgical or surgical cosmetic treatments that you may have had. The Doctor will advise you on any suitable treatments (such as Botox® injections, Dermal Fillers, facial peels etc.), the expected results and risks or side effects. If you have any questions or queries you can ask the Doctor at anytime. We aim to give you clear and accurate information about any suitable treatments and full transparency around our charges. 


Time to Think: 

You then have time to decide if you wish to proceed with a treatment or cancel the service. How long you need to decide is up to you. You can also change your mind at any point and cancel a treatment before it takes place. 


Doctor Treatment: 

Subject to suitability for treatment, the Doctor will carry out your treatment. 



The Doctor will be on hand after the treatment to discuss the results with you and how to care for your skin post-treatment. We always ensure a two-week follow up call or appointment is made to ensure you are happy with your results.  You can also call our Doctors any time post-treatment if you wish to discuss anything.