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It is estimated that the number of men undergoing Botox treatments in the UK has doubled in the last few years. Men’s Botox treatments have seen a marked increase particularly for gents in their mid to late 30’s to 60’s. Gone are the days when Botox was thought to be exclusively the go to treatment for ladies.

Men are looking for ways to improve their appearance subtly. There has been a huge increase in the number of men having hair transplants, nose surgery and now turning to Botox to help maintain a youthful and fresh appearance.

John has been having Botox treatments for lines on his forehead for the past 18 months. He explains “In my work (I work in the professional sector in Spinningfields in Manchester) we have a lot of young new intake in my firm each year. Maintaining my appearance helps me maintain my competitive advantage…it does boost my confidence both at work and socially… I go for a natural look, so that no one notices the difference but I look fresh and well rested.”

So what is Botox? How can it help? What results should you expect? Dr Abha and Dr Caroline, experts in men’s Botox from Alpha Med Aesthetics Manchester help us answer these questions:

What is Botox?

Botox is a protein based anti-wrinkle injectable treatment. It works by targeting the causes of lines working beneath the skins surface to temporarily reduce muscle activity under the skin. Botox injections are administered in small quantities by our doctors into specific facial muscles. The muscles injected are those that cause the lines and wrinkles to appear due to repetitive contractions, squinting and movement. Once the Botox injection is administered the treated muscle contractions reduce, resulting in fewer static and dynamic wrinkles and a more youthful appearance.

What Are The Top Treatments For Men:

  1. Anti-Ageing & Line Reduction: To minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, smile lines and between the brows.

  2. Hyperhidrosis: To assist the reduction of excessive sweating.

Dr Abha adds, “ As a result of natural frowning the glabella region of the forehead creases leading to the creation of line and furrows. We see a lot of male clients who would like to see subtle improvements to their forehead lines and Botox injections can be one of the most effective treatments for this area”.

What To Expect At Consultation:

It is important to see a doctor or trained medical practitioner for treatments. Always have a full skin and medical consultation before determining whether a particular treatment is suitable for you. Usually a consultation will include:

The doctor will carry out a full skin consultation and complete a medical history form with you to determine what treatments are suitable for you and your skin concerns.

If treatments are suitable the doctor will confirm costs of treatments (please also see below for our prices and offers).

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions or share any concerns.

You will then have as much time as you need to decide whether to have any treatments or not.

 If you wish to proceed, the doctor will carry out your treatment.

 You will be contacted by the doctor 2 weeks after the treatment for a follow up to ensure all is well and you are happy with the results.

Dr Caroline explains,“ some male clients feel uncomfortable waiting in busy salon waiting rooms full of female clients and staff….so we decided at Alpha Med Aesthetics to create a dedicated men’s Clinic location just off St Anne’s Square in Manchester City Centre. Based in a discreet office block, our male clients can pop into the building during their lunch hour or after work without being noticed and have a treatment without having been seen by friends/colleagues. Our male clients insist on the highest levels of discretion which we are pleased to offer”.

Botox results:

Everyone is different, each person’s body reacts to Botox in its own way and therefore results vary. That is why Dr Caroline says “it is imperative to have a full consultation with the doctor before you decide on any treatment” and to clearly express to your doctor the results that you wish to achieve.

Most people will see noticeable results after their first treatment. If there are stronger lines, some clients may need a few treatments to help treat those areas, but should see optimum results over time.

Most men prefer a natural look however preferences are personal and vary. Always tell your doctor the results you hope to achieve prior to treatment so you can achieve the result you want.

The objective is to reduce muscle movement but not freeze the area for no movement at all.

Men’s Botox® Prices:

Prices for men’s Botox prices range from £180 to £500 depending on the number of areas treated, the experience of the practitioner and the quality of the products used. Men usually require a larger dose of Botox than women due to stronger and larger muscle areas and therefore prices tend to be slightly higher.

Alpha Med Aesthetics are running a special 10% off treatments for readers of our blog, prices for Men’s Botox Injections are:

1 Area £162 (usually £180)

2 Areas £207 (usually £230)

3 Areas £252 (usually £280)

Meet the Botox Doctors Manchester.


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