BEAUTY OVER 40: Look 10 years younger without spending too much….

Over 40's ladies

Basic changes to your styling and lifestyle can help improve your overall appearance and take years off your age. Aging gracefully is an art form; this art form requires a little time well spent pampering and looking after yourself. We don’t expect our home to look great without redecorating, repairing and maintaining it every few years. So why do we not do the same for ourselves? We are our own greatest asset, so lets make the most of what we’ve got!

Here are my top 10 tips to helping you look 10 years younger:

Avoid The Pixie Crop: A short hair cut may look great on Anne Hathaway at 25 years old but at 45 it looses some of its benefits. A boy cut or pixie crop hair cut can emphasise the face and draw the eye to any lines or blemishes. In your 40’s try a hair cut that falls on the shoulders, shoulder length is easy to manage and uber fashionable. Check out the above ladies in their 40’s who rock this look.

meditating lady

Smile: Looking good on the outside has a lot to do with feeling good on the inside. People, who look after themselves well by cultivating positive emotions tend to have fewer frown lines. They also have more ‘happy hormones’ the most popular being endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. You can easily cultivate a state of mental and emotional well being through regular meditation. Try downloading a free mediation on your iPhone from Meditation Oasis:


Dress Like a Celebrity Who is 5 years Younger:

Google celebrities that are around the same age as you or 5 years younger than you. Find people who have appeared on the ‘best dressed’ lists in the last two years. Find a celebrity who's style you feel you would like to emulate then start following them on Instagram. Get accustomed to their look and style. Browse the Internet for similar clothes and accessories and pop to the shops and try out a few similar looks. Find a look that fits for you, you don’t have to dress the same as others but can just add a few new twists like ankle boots to a dress or accessories with a blouse to make you contemporary. My favorite style icons include Oliva Palermo and Melania Trump.

Model Using face cream

Use Good Skin Creams: Expensive skin creams may feel like a waste of money, but trust me if you pick a cream that works well for your skin type it can over the years be the best investment that you make. Our harsh winters and warm summers take their toll on our skin and whilst some say SPF is a daily essential I would say I only trust a good quality cream (ideally one with SPF built in). Creams help to hydrate and sooth the skin, my favorites include La Mere retailing at £120 for 30ml

botox manchester model

The Occasional Treatment: Very subtle enhancements can be made to our looks at 40 by consulting an aesthetics doctor for a bespoke aesthetics treatment plan. The occasional 0.5ml lip filler treatment can work wonder to help a narrowing lip. Botox® injections at regular 3-4 monthly intervals can be helpful at preventing and re-smoothing lines. Why not speak to one of the doctors at Alpha Med Aesthetics about a treatment plan: (0161 833 1423). ay I only trust a good quality cream (ideally one with SPF built in). Creams help to hydrate and sooth the skin, my favorites include La Mere retailing at £120 for 30ml

before and after botox and fillers

Give Your Self A Break: Ask your body what it needs and if it's rest you crave then give yourself a break. Scientific research proves that sleep is a major factor in well-being and helps improve your skins ability to self repair and heal. Go on get some shut eye.....zzzzzz

lady sleeping

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