The Botox Experts: Our Eye Surgeon Explains Why Aesthetics Was a Natural Fit...

Dr Abha Gupta the Clinical Director at Alpha Med Aesthetics explains why she feels being an eye surgeon and practising aesthetics are a natural fit.

People sometimes ask why as an established NHS Ophthalmology Consultant I chose to undertake Aesthetic treatments?

For me, the single most important factor that enticed me into this area was becoming a mum. I found that once people (mainly tired mums!) got to know me and knew what my career entailed they would approach me asking if I could possibly consider doing their Botox. They were tired of looking exhausted and just wanted a more freshened up appearance. This became more and more frequent as the popularity and acceptance in society for cosmetic Botox increased.

I was familiar with using Botox for medical purposes around the eye; for example, I knew how to induce a lid drop to protect the window of the eye in a patient with a severe eye infection. I was experienced in using Botox to treat blepharospasm and was aware of how it was used in squint correction. I had trained many doctors on dilution and injection technique and was familiar with the way it worked and its possible side effects. At this point, I had never seriously considered using Botox to treat wrinkles, but my Ophthalmology colleagues encouraged me to start.

After serious thought, I realised I had a great set of skills being an Eye Surgeon. For starters I knew the facial anatomy very well. I'd not only studied it but also operated and worked on it for years, and being an examiner meant I was always keeping this knowledge up to date. I perform regular cataract and lid surgery so was used to dealing with facial skin and muscle, dealing with unexpected issues and also explaining things to patients without using medical jargon. I was used to handling needles and syringes and using my hands frequently to perform various delicate surgical procedures both in and around the eye. I was used to doing precise surgery in one of the hardest parts of the body- the eye. I had been trained, as a doctor, to deal with problems when under pressure. I realised I had a great network to start-up with- other mums I knew from school.

I find aesthetic work very pleasing and fun. I really enjoy using my creative skill set to genuinely help someone wanting to look and feel their very best. For me it’s a spin off what I do on a daily basis.

One day over lunch two friends and myself were chatting about all the above and we gradually developed our shared skills and passion into Alpha Med Aesthetics! We have grown from strength to strength. With three of us on board it makes it easier to manage the workload and also three heads are better than one when it comes to developing our business.

Alpha Med Aesthetics is a leading non-surgical aesthetics practice based in Manchester. Our team of experienced doctors administers all our treatments, ensuring the highest standards. We offer treatments in three locations, namely, Manchester City Centre, Didsbury and Urmston. Call our team today on 0161 833 1423 to find out more about our services or visit our website

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