Before and After Lip Filler & Cheek Filler: Our Manchester Aesthetics Doctors Comment

Lip Filler before and after Manchester

Dr Abha from Alpha Med Aesthetics Manchester "I would say there is noticeable difference in Kylie Jenner's lip shape and size, both the upper and lower lips appear to have more volume which can be achieved by lip filler injections by a doctor to create a lip enhancement and improve the shape and overall size of the lips".

Before and After Lip Filler Manchester

Our Eye Surgeon from Alpha Med Aesthetics Manchester comments " from a partial side profile, it can be observed that the ladies lips have a much filler volume especially the lower lip and that both the cheeks and nose appear more chiselled​ and moulded..... indicating possible lip filler and cheek filler enhancements".


Dermal fillers are not just a cosmetic non-surgical procedure but (done correctly) they can be an art form. Any good aesthetics doctor will know the best way to achieve natural looking results with dermal fillers is by building up a look for a client over a series of treatments over a period of time. This is especially the case with celebrity clients who want to avoid the negative glare of the media. Today, non-surgical procedures such as lip fillers, cheek fillers and chin fillers are very common for both celebrities and everyday folk alike. We regularly see before and after photos on social media and in magazines. The stigma once surrounding treatments is not what it was. In an age where many aesthetics practices offer free treatments to instagram influencers (not something we do at Alpha Med), the public in general are more familiar with before and after photos of lip enhancements, lip filler transformations, cheek volume fillers and chin definition treatments.

Whilst many celebrities do not admit to having subtle non-surgical enhancements, we asked our doctors at Alpha Med Aesthetics for their views on a few of our favourite celebs and their fine looking pouts, cheeks and chin…..

Our top 5 Transformations & Ageless beauties Include:

  1. Bella Hadid

  2. Kylie Jenner

  3. Jennifer Lopez

  4. Michelle Keegan

  5. Stephanie Pratt

Dr Abha.. “Jennifer looks like she has had subtle lip filler enhancements, especially her upper lip, which appears over the years to be fuller. As we age the lips begin to thin rather than enlarge so it maybe accurate to assume that lip filler has been used to increase the lip volume. Her cheeks look natural….beautiful, and as I would expect for her years. Nothing appears to have been done”.

Dr Abha “Michelle has a lovely face, very fresh and naturally youthful. These before and after photos suggest that there may appear to have been some use of lip filler to enhance the shape and volume of the upper lip and volume of the lower lip. I would expect to achieve such results with no more than 1ml of Juvederm® Smile”..

Dr Caroline…“I absolutely love the transformation of Stephanie's look over time. It looks to me as though dermal fillers have been used to enhance Stephanie’s lips, cheeks and jawline”….. “Her results are fabulous and she certainly looks amazing”.

Alpha Med Aesthetics Manchester is based in St Annes Square in Manchester City Centre and in Urmston south Manchester. All our lip filler treatments and cheek filler treatments are done by our doctor Dr Abha Gupta.


Our prices for Juvederm® Lip Fillers start at £150 for 0.55ml Juvederm® Smile and £225 for 1ml Juvederm® Smile​. We also offer Juvederm® Voluma from £290 for 1ml lasting upto 12 months. Cheek filler prices start at £290 per 1 ml syringe and lower if more syringes are required. All our treatments are done by our doctors and a two week follow up is always offered. Book a free consultation today with Dr Abha by calling 0161 833 1423.

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